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Previous Projects

The long term track record of Advanced Coatings application of AVKOTE Unikote the highly effective overcoating material for ageing cladding panels has seen the paint system employed during the refurbishment of around 30 commercial office buildings, situated within the business hinterland of Europe's busiest airports Heathrow and Gatwick.

The buildings on various feeder industrial estates at Gatwick and Heathrow, had originally been clad in the ubiquitous, plastic faced cladding systems. With their colour looking distinctly tired and faded the vertically aligned cladding panels on the properties were cleaned down, stabilised and then treated with the AVKOTE Unikote system. Spray applied by Advanced Coatings, the product was specified in various colours from Metallic Silver to Sargasso Blue.

Gatwick Gate Industrial Estate

Heathrow Trading Estate

Heathrow Business Park


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